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Championship Run-In

Games remaining:
Rushden Yeovil
Yeovil (A) Rushden (H)
Telford (H) Leigh (A)
Dover (H) Telford (A)
Hereford (H)
Chester (A) Scarborough (H)

The title run-in looks like being very tight indeed. Both Rushden and Yeovil can pocket a maximum of 88 points should they beat the other, or 86 points if the big game is drawn. On paper Diamonds finish looks the easier of the two. Telford could be the team that decide the fate of the championship. They have been on great form of late and will cause both of the top teams a problem.

If Rushden were to win at Huish Park then most gambling men would stake their house on Diamonds to go on to win the league. In turn, a win for Yeovil would place the ball firmly in their court.

Removing the game at Huish Park from the equation for a moment I am going to be so bold as to predict the outcome of the rest of the games. If a few trained chimps from the Non-League Paper can do it then so can I!

I predict that Rushden will draw with Telford, beat Dover and draw with Chester. Yeovil will beat Leigh, lose to Telford and beat Hereford and Scarborough. Before taking into account the result of Yeovil v Rushden this leaves Rushden on 81 points and Yeovil on 82 points. Therefore, according to my superior scientific method Rushden have to win at Huish Park to win the title and we know that that ain't gonna happen!


Up The Glovers!