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None of the views on this site are those of YTFC or anyone connected with the club, nor is this site in any way connected to Yeovil Town F.C. If you wish to contact me here's my Email address

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Funky Links

YTFC Links

Yeovil Town F.C. Official Website
A much improved site since its launch, with an excellent news service.

Excellent Yeovil Town Site, lovingly maintained by Jon 'look-you boyo, over by there' Morgan and Martin 'Badger' Baker. It really is very good. I have been known to contribute from time to time when I can be bothered get the time! Has a message board where you can leave your opinions and a chat room which has regular meetings. Look out for Huge Huish Hughs rants - brilliant!
What can I say? The original Yeovil Town website. Well worth a visit. Has loads of old match reports, news archives and pictures. Once called 'offensive rubbish' by chairman John Fry. Could never really see why as it is actually very good. Run by 'dirty ol' man' Hoagy, who never ceases to amaze me with his ever expanding waistline! ;-) (Only joking Hoagy!)
Site run by James Parsons, still in an embryonic form when I last looked, but with an awful lot of potential. Check it out!

The 100 Year Plan
This one is strange. The title comes from John Frys' famous Stalinist 5-year plans and the site contains some rather odd humour. Nutters, that's the only word for 'em!

Andrew Foots' Site
Brand new unofficial site. Review to follow when/if I can be bothered!

BBC News Coverage
Articles by the BBC about YTFC. Surprisingly in depth considering Yeovils level.

Football 365 - Yeovil Town F. C. Statistics
This excellent website gives you all the statistics you could possibly want about form, results, when the goals have gone in, who washes the kit...An absolute goldmine!

Conference Links

Nationwide Football Site
Official sponsors site. Contains lots of useful information and a regularly updated news service.

Conference Guide
Another fine effort from Hoagy (that bloke gets about doesn't he?). Loads of information and stats on every Conference club. Form guides, pub guides, directions...he attacks it from every possible angle!

Football 365 - General Conference Stats
Want to compare how many goals Yeovil and Stevenage have conceded in the first half? Yes? Well you a very, very sad person and you should go here!
Access to stats and the PA report on every Conference match.

General Non-League Links

Non-League on the Net
A 'monster, monster'(to quote Eric Hall) Non-League football site with links to all known non-league sites. Pretty damn good!

Local Rags

The Clarion
Excellent YTFC coverage by Fat Harry, famed for his dodgy spelling and sometimes outspoken views.

The Western Gazette
The local paper, not great if I'm being honest.