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Bunch of Inbreds!

Will and me at Reading On the left you can see Will (who looks amazingly like an escaped mental patient in this picture!)and my rather fine looking self at Reading (hence the rather extravegant hairpiece!) At half-time Badger, who runs Ciderspace, spotted us in the crowd.
September 11th 1999. The day I lost all my hair in the name of 'Erection 2000'. I went back up to Nottingham for the start of term the next day and scared a fair few old ladies. The younger ladies seemed to like it though! Me after the sponsored headshave, 11/09/99
Pissed Again! MAGALUF 2001!
Some long-distance Internet Supporters and what an ugly looking lot they are (just kidding). Paul Chesterman (far right) runs the Internet Man of the Match voting, won in 1998/99 by Warren Patmore and in 1999/2000 by Jamie Pitman. Also pictured are Huge Huish Hugh (and daughters) and Paul's son Colin. Long Distance Supporters, HHH and the Chestermans
Col Turner - Hungover This is Mr Colin Turner. This poor bloke had the misfortune of taking myself, Will and Badger up to Scarborough in August 1999 to witness that wonderful 5-0 drubbing suffered by The Glovers. This picture was taken the morning after a heavy Christmas party (at least I hope it was!).
Lee 'Mad' Munro, best known for severe drunkeness and out of tune, but brilliant, singing. One of the most committed supporters I know. Grew his hair for 15 years before having it shaved off, on the same day as me, for Erection 2000. Is now growing his flowing mane back to it's former glory! Lee 'Mad' Munro
I am very happy! Leader of Y.T.I.S.A, the Independent Barmy Army, Mark Kelly. Nice bloke, but for some reason the Chairman doesn't like him. Perhaps it's because he actually cares about the club and raises loads of money. If you sneak past him without being coerced into buying a raffle ticket or a scarf tell me how you did it!
Tim Lancaster gazes at the large Yeovil following at Reading. Tim is a committed Yeovil fan, but also a groundhopper and programme enthusiast. Has been known to bang his drum quite loudly in my ear when he's not taking photos or going to bizarre football grounds! Tim Lancaster